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Safety at home.

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Alright guys you may have heard this before, but it seems like not enough people have. As a refferee at a large feild here in Ohio my number one concern is of course safety, that is infact our goal as reffs is to provide a safe environment in which the players, of all ages, backgrounds, and skill level, can come and have fun. But my main concern here is not your safety on my feilds, but on yours. all too often I hear players talking about how they play at home: shooting point blank, or they want more excitment, so they crank their velocity up so high often our chronos dont read it correctly. Or players with malfunctioning equipment, i.e. poor lenses in their goggles. Ive seen everything from small gouges, to cracks, to a player who had driven screws through the lenses to make them "look bad-ass" if you try to look bad ass like that ill tell you right now u wont be playing on my feilds until you get a pair of rental goggles. so im ging to brek down my main concerns, as ive seen them for you:

Poor Equipment

Your equipment needs to be kept in top-notch condition, especially your lenses. Too often I see players who will play with damaged, broken, or stupidly modified goggles and lenses, i find this unnacceptable and will ask players to either rent, or borrow a pair of goggles, or sit out of play until they do. If your goggles have cracks, or gouges in them you need to have them replaced or you could wind up with serious injuries. Paintball lenses are designed specificly for paintball, and undergo rigorus safety testing before they are allowed to be sold to players, so if you have damage to your goggles, a good, solid, hard hit to your lenses may cause them to shatter, and plastic shards and paint in your eyes will do some serious damage. So if your at your local feild and you see someone with unsafe equipment, please point it out to your reff, and the same goes for at home, dont allow your friends to play with bad equipment. Another major thing i see is ill fitting goggles which can be just as damgerous if they are shot off of your head, or if they fall into your face and obstruct your vision.

Stupid players

Now that title may have been a little harsh, but lets face it, most players are stupid at some point in time during the day be it cranked velocity, shooting too close, looking down the barrel, ect.

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